Rich Acting President

A Letter From the Acting President

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new and updated website of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and Corporate Work Study Program!

After many difficult months, we are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year and the hopeful return to in-person instruction. We continue to be inspired by the remarkable diligence, resiliency, and adaptability of our amazing students and faculty who managed to move forward, teach, learn and grow throughout these most challenging times. Despite these obstacles, the 2021 graduates of Don Bosco Cristo Rey once again met our primary academic goal with every graduate being accepted into one or more colleges and universities.

We are a truly unique school for diverse students from underserved communities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, combining a rigorous college-prep curriculum with professional work experience. We aim to transform not only individual students but ultimately their families and communities as well.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of DBCR through our new website. View our videos; learn about our exceptional educational approach and what it means to be a working student at Don Bosco Cristo Rey.

To meet our students and hear their dreams is inspiring. To live and journey with them is to see God’s Spirit in their hearts. We must believe in our young people if they are to believe in themselves. We hope you find the time to visit our school, meet our students, and experience “The School that Works!” Please contact us to schedule a date. Perhaps you want to be part of this new and exciting mission as a student, educator, corporate partner, volunteer, or donor. We welcome you!

It is truly a privilege for all of us to be part of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and Corporate Work Study Program.

God Bless you, 
Rich Dumais
Acting President

As I think back to freshman year, I view myself as a young, confused kid just trying to find my place while dealing with trauma and insecurities. As I progressed through the years at DBCR, I became confident and bold. It was at DBCR that I learned the power of language and how to use my words. It was also at DBCR, that for the first time in my life, I felt truly accepted. I found friends that fit me like a glove, and I gained an understanding of what friendship really was. I felt love and learned how to give it back, I felt understood.

Mia S. '13, DC's Child and Family Services Agency
Staff-Student Interaction at Honor Roll Assembly