The Benefits for Business Partners


  • The Corporate Work Study Program is separately incorporated and functions like a temporary employment agency, handling all Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation, payroll, taxes, and other employment details. 

  • Student employees receive business training in preparation for work and are placed based on skillset and interests. 

  • CWSP staff work closely with new partners to customize the program for your business needs. 

  • A CWSP Placement Specialist serves as your day-to-day contact for all program logistics. 

  • The school handles transportation to and from your site. 


  • The fee is a cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time worker or contractor. 

  • Students complete daily tasks, which allows their colleagues to concentrate on new initiatives or specialized work. 

  • Filling entry-level jobs with our students helps to stabilize high-turnover positions and reduce burnout. 

  • Job partners have the flexibility on how to assign the job team. Different departments can share the cost of the position and the student workers’ time. 


  • Creates a pipeline for future employees. 

  • Own a high visibility community outreach program that creates positive change in your community. 

  • CWSP is consistent with corporate social responsibility efforts – a characteristic attractive to young professionals. 

  • Aligns with internal development plans by offering leadership and mentorship opportunities to first-time managers. 

  • Dovetails with management objectives to engage a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

  • Businesses report that work study students add fresh energy, enthusiasm, and productivity to the workplace. 

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