No, all students will resume classes in person.

We will implement a regular in person schedule in September, 7:45am – 3:20pm every day.

Parents will be able to transport the student to work due to COVID-19 restrictions. Parents will need to contact the CWSP for further information.

Currently we do not offer transportation to school. We do cover transportation for the student’s work day (most students will take Metro to and from work).

Staff is always available to help families complete forms. It’s recommended to call ahead and make sure someone is available to assist them.

At this time, we are strongly encouraging all of our students to get vaccinated in order to help us all return to school safely. Students who have already received both of their doses should turn in a copy of their vaccine record to the main office.

If you have any concerns about your TADs account (trouble logging in, changing payment method, etc.) please contact them first @ 800-477-8237. If you have a billing question you can contact the Business Department

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