Mission Statement
The mission of the Counseling Department at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School is to assist all students in their educational, professional, personal and spiritual journey by providing the necessary support and resources in order to formulate and achieve goals for success.

The four general aspects of the department are:

To assist students in meeting the challenges and demands of their academic studies and the college admissions process.

To assist students in developing knowledge and skills needed when seeking careers and setting professional goals.

To assist students in developing effective problem solving, conflict resolution and coping skills to make safe and healthy choices.

To assist students in their spiritual development and search for meaning as needed.


Sometimes there are situations which may impede a student from being successful in the classroom, work study setting or at home. These situations may include depression, anger, family problems, peer relation problems, self-esteem & body imagine issues, and more. The student is not alone; there is assistance! At any point a student may seek the assistance of any one of the counselors in the Counseling Department.
  • When authorized school personnel have a legitimate, educational need to have the information;
  • When a student intends to harm himself/herself or another individual;
  • When it is necessary to prevent clear and imminent danger;
  • When a parent of a student or an emancipated student provides a written statement authorizing the release of information; when other situations exist, as required by law.
If counseling services are provided in any of the circumstances above, parents/guardians are notified.


Mrs. Kimberly Crawford (MSW)

Director of Counseling

Ms. Raynell Tillman

Social Worker

Mrs. Denise Josiah (MA)

Social Worker