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Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and corporate work-study program student-athletes – Briza, Brian, and Giancarlos – joined FOX 5 to talk about the next big game! Watch the full interview in the link above.

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The high school senior often sounds like someone much older than a high school student, as do most of his classmates. They attend Don Bosco Cristo Rey in Takoma Park, a small Catholic school that places a special emphasis on work….. read more

Kevin Sheehan Show
Our DBCR students were filled with excitement for our first-ever Cristo Rey Cup!
We had two soccer players join DC- Sports Radio Host, Kevin Sheehan on his podcast. They discussed what it’s like to be a student-athlete while maintaining their grades and participating in the Corporate Work Study Program!
Sports Schedule

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School and Corporate Work Study Program encourages all students to participate in the varied and extensive athletic program offered by the school.

The combined program of Physical Education and Athletics at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School will help develop the Mental, Physical, and most important the Spiritual characteristics of each individual student. The program will aid in forming the complete Salesians/Christian Student-Athlete mind, body, and soul.


The students will understand God has given us all great talents, and one has the ability to be physically fit. The students will have an understanding of the important role that prayer/meditation has on their physical abilities. Knowing that physical fitness and prayer give us the opportunity to build strong minds and drive ourselves to achieving physical/athletic goals.


Through organized games and interscholastic play the student-athletes will be able to form critical thinking and the use of good judgment. These skills will help students develop solutions to various situations, looking for the best possible outcome. While engaging in fun and excitement, they will be developing key skills in life.


Student-athletes will engage in a variety of activities and practices while performing agility and quickness drills that will help increase endurance and strength. The students will gain the confidence to perform physical/athletic activities, stemming from an understanding of rules and being physically fit.

With this mission for Physical Education and Athletics the students at Don Bosco Cristo Rey will also demonstrate their faith in God by sharing the characteristics of Christianity through good sportsmanship and support of others.

Sports Teams


Don Bosco Cristo Rey High school has set high standards of courtesy, fair play, and sportsmanship for everyone associated with its interscholastic athletic programs. Athletes, coaches, parents, and fans are expected to observe the principles of good sportsmanship at all sponsored athletic events. The principles of sportsmanship include: 

If you have any questions regarding Athletics contact: Ms. Alyssa Kocik, Athletic Director, at 301-891-4750 ext. 102

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